Graphic Design

Graphic and digital works that exemplify strong analytical and creative design methods. The following are selected as samples from a wider variety of works. For a full portfolio review, please visit the contact page.

Empress Magazine cover

The January 2017 cover for Empress Magazine. Original photography, editorial layout design, and branding design. All elements are correlated to fit the theme for the target audience. Content planning and structural organization of all features included cover story creation, branding integration for current and future platforms, and photographic direction (through self portrait feature) for complete execution.

Empress Cover, by Ann Alexander Studios
Better Burger logo, by Ann Alexander Studios
Irving Sails Brochure (Interior)

This brochure, created for a boating rental and supply company, demonstrates a design of motion and clarity for the viewer. Though static in presentation, the viewer gains a sense of movement and excitement while understanding the refinement of the company identity. The piece organizes and defines a large quantity of information in clean manner for the most successful consumer impact.

Table of Contents (Empress Magazine)

Table of Contents for Empress Magazine. Original branding demonstrating versitality and design integration. Editorial layout displays contents in a cleancut, yet engaging manner.

Editorial The Hole Design Story, by Ann Alexander Studios
Volpe Website Design, by Ann Alexander Studios
Volpe Financial Strategies Website

This design incorporates the original branding design for Volpe Financial Services to create a clean-cut, professional, easy to navigate interface for a financial company. Icons were created using methods of vector drawing, equilateral scale, and consistent stroke width for a clear, navigatable user experience.

Click here to view the coded home page.

Potomac Vodka (Advertisement)

This advertisement utilizes original branding and uses photographic manipulation to incorporate the created logo on a bottle. Further photographic editing and manipulation produces an eye catching display of the product.

Potomac Vodka, by Ann Alexander Studios
Book Cover by Ann Alexander Studios
Book Cover (Saul Bass)

This is one of three covers that were created for a series. The design emulates the style of the artists himself, using cutout designs and high contrast to interest the reader.

Tea Types Infographic by Ann Alexander Studios
Tea Types Infographic

The purpose of this infographic is to educate viewers about the benefits of teas. The work explores the four different main variations of tea and their health benefits. The information is clearly organized in a visually appealing design.

Complex Fracture, by Ann Alexander Studios
Complex Fracture

This multifaceted, dynamic composition displays the energy of abstract emotions associated with creative thought and the design process itself. Both curvilinear and harsh lines combine to create this conceptual visual.